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NYC Moving

6-8 Weeks Before Your Move

You have decided on Moving, you have already bought your new home and you have sold your old one. You have decided on the moving company and whether or not they are packing your belongings. But there are still some things that need to be taken care of. This is especially true if you are changing communities where your doctors, dentists and pharmacies are going to be changing.

Between 6 and 7 weeks before your moving date you should start to gather your medical records and dental records, a list of your prescriptions and if any children are of school going age then their records need to be secured as well. Also proof of the children's inoculations should also be available as they may be required for their new school. Many of these records should be sent to the new doctors; dentists etc. so if you do not have them arranged yet, let your present health care provider know that you are moving and are going to be requesting that they change.

At the 5 week mark, you should start packing items that you will not be requiring before your move, also you can start to put aside items that you no longer want and then plan to dispose of them by donating them to a charity (don't forget to get a receipt) or by having a yard sale.

In the 4th week you should have the movers booked and finalized, scheduled the disconnection of your utility bills and connection at your new home. If you have deposits at any of these make sure that it is returned or ensure they have your new address to forward them to you. Make sure all your friends and family have your new address as well.

During week three, make sure there are no flammables such as gas cans for lawn mowers, paints and no corrosives that need to be moved as movers will not take them. If you are moving into or out of an apartment make sure the elevator is booked.

The 2nd week is when you make sure that your banks have your new address and if you are changing banks make arrangements to have funds transferred, safety deposit contents removed and that all address changes are confirmed. Near the end of this week you should plan the meals for the last week to help empty your fridge and freezer and cupboards for moving.

During the last week is when you want to arrange an essentials box, this is a box of articles that you will need up to the last minute and will load last on the truck, and first off it. Fill any prescriptions so that you have a couple of weeks supply to cover the moving period.

This is a hectic time but with proper planning it can be less stressful.

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